About Us

Remember on the first day of school when everyone had to go around and say something interesting about themselves? I never knew what to say. What’s interesting about me? I’d always end up saying something uninspired like, “I only like bananas once they get really brown and spotty”, or, “Last week, I saw Britney Spears in concert but I missed the opening act because I snagged my zebra leggings.”

Point being, I didn’t find myself all that interesting. Prior to deciding to embark on this wild ride, I was your average adult. My husband, Jeremy and I owned a condo, we have a pup named Lilly, we had responsibilities, a robust Netflix queue, and a pretty nice knife set. We passed for successful adults.

For years, we did what we thought were supposed to do. We paid our cable bill, we talked at length about current events, debated the status of Olympians as “professional athletes”, made grocery lists and meal plans, we checked our mail on the regular so we didn’t get another passive aggressive note from the mailman on a purple post it. I accepted that no one my age is actually wearing Chanel suits to brunch, something 16 year old Katie was just positive happened by age 28.

But if I’m being honest, the concept of doing things because we’re supposed to do them is foreign to me. Jeremy and I have always been a couple of free spirits, and our main love, besides that little chihuahua face, is travel. Sure, we went on some great trips in between our 9-5 jobs – Japan, Iceland, Thailand, Italy, France – but it wasn’t enough. Every time we’d leave a place, we’d both lament on how incredible it would be to do this full time. We threw around the idea of traveling as a full time thing for probably 5 years, but never took the plunge, who knows why.

Nevermind. I do know why. Because selling everything you own and living like modern nomads with no permanent address is hella scary. But I can tell you (and I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet), it is SO worth it.

So, in exactly 25 days, we’re leaving for a sabbatical. We’re spending 3 months in the South Pacific, Australia, and Indonesia. It’s a series of one way flights, ferries, (probably) questionable hotels, visa requirements, and so on.

Logistically, it’s quite complex. Spiritually, it’s so simple.

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