Saying Goodbye

When we first decided to do this, we knew we were in for our fair share of goodbye’s. Not just leaving behind our friends in Dallas, but an entire phase of our lives. Admittedly, while getting out of a routine is one of the reasons we decided to start traveling full time, there is something to be said about the familiar. I never had to pull up directions in my car, I knew where I wanted to go and when (or more importantly, where to avoid and when), there weren’t a whole lot of surprises.

As we counted down the days until we left Texas, I began slowly parting with things from our house, which I expected to be one of the easier things about this transition. The first things to go were from my closet. Once I started selling online, I was hooked. The Tradesy app is a total game changer. I have a whole closet where I upload things I’m ready to part with and other people can bid on them! I’ve made some really great money selling my old items and they deposit it right into your PayPal account, which is amazing because I am an expert online shopper and most places accept PayPal now, so I can replenish my closet with things I actually want.

{Re: replenishing my closet. Several people have asked why I keep buying new things when I just got rid of most of my clothes. I’ve become obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, based on this website, shown to me by my friend Allison. For example, for our sabbatical, I’m taking whites and blues, making it simple to mix and match items since we’ll be gone so long.}

The home items were much harder. Jer had a hard time with the kitchen items because he spent so much time collecting different machines and tools for random things. We sold some bigger items, like our stainless steel KitchenAid stand mixer. I touched the thing maybe three times in 4 years. Anyway, this sweet man contacted me in response to the Craigslist ad. We met up to sell the mixer, and he told us the most wonderful story about his wife. She’d wanted this exact stand mixer for nearly 30 years, and they had never been able to afford it. He was going to wrap it and take it home for her that night as a surprise. He started crying when he told it, and it really hit home. I realized that while these things served their purpose for me, I could pass them on to someone else who needs them in the current space. Another time, when we went on one of our many, many trips to the donation center, we were stopped by a woman asking if we were donating the skateboards in our trunk. We said yes, and that she could have them. She was so grateful and said that her son loved skateboarding and he was home sick from school that day, so she would take them home for him and make him feel better.

Those are just two little examples, but I feel like the universe is telling us we’re on the right track and that all these goodbyes will be worth it.

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