Hidden Gems In Palm Springs, California

One day, while we were driving down Palm Canyon Drive, the main drag in Palm Springs, I spied this Mediterranean building covered in vines and hot pink flowers.

I made Jer pull over so we could investigate. It was a BEST WESTERN. We were completely shocked, it was hands down the most gorgeous Best Western I’d ever seen. There were fountains around every moss-covered corner, and hidden courtyards gave way to a secluded pool with bright red umbrellas and matching chair covers.

How could this be? I’d heard of every hotel in PS, right?! And surely I’d know about one covered in pink flowers?!

I got to googling and found that you can get a room at the Best Western Plus Las Brisas for around $90/night. Trust me when I say you want to stay here (although to be fair, I’ve never seen the rooms in person). We’ll be back in July, and I’m trying desperately to convince Jer we need to go back to Palm Springs and stay at this magical place.
While I’m on the topic of hidden gems, please check out Farm if you’re ever in the area.
This restaurant wasn’t even on my list of places to go, so a million kudos to Jer for finding it. Farm is tucked behind a strip of shops, which in any other city would probably be grimy, but Palm Springs makes even strip malls seem charming.
So, go behind the strip of shops, past the barbershop, and through a tiny white outdoor wedding chapel. You’ll see a white picket fence and an entrance with a sign asking you to get off your phone and enjoy your brunch companion.
We had french press coffee, fresh lemon water, baguettes with to-die-for strawberry jam, omelets with brie, bacon, and arugula, seasoned potatoes, and savory crepes topped with goat cheese. It’s a meal I could eat over and over and over again, in an idyllic setting.

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