You Need To Go To Fiji

As my mother so kindly reminded me this morning, I’m running behind on updating the blog! We’ve made it to Sydney, Australia, but there’s still so much more to say about Fiji.

In the States, we think of Fiji as super far flung and exotic, which it totally is, but I also found it pretty accessible. I priced out the flights from several different locations (Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, most of California) and it was overwhelmingly cheaper to fly from LA and it was non-stop! So we got one way tickets Denver to LAX, and flew from there. We used Fiji as kind of our “base” to go explore this entire area of the world. I’d love to go up further into Asia, especially Singapore, but time doesn’t really allow for that this time around.

My point is, if you want to go to Fiji, you DEFINITELY should. It’s an incredible place, and off the charts gorgeous and with a little creative flight bookings, you can probably get a great deal too!

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