Palm Cove, Far North Queensland, Australia

In Cairns, the cottage we rented through Airbnb had bikes for us to use. I rode into town (approx 4 miles) one time and decided never again. Let’s just say I know now why bikers wear those padded shorts. I hopped off the bike and onto my phone to rent a car, something we don’t normally do but I am seriously so grateful we did this time. Plus, driving on the “wrong” side of the road was weirdly thrilling!

Palm Cove Australia

Once we got the car, it really opened up our options for day trips. I got to googling of course and found photos of Palm Cove. I wouldn’t even call this a day trip, because it’s only a 30 minute drive north. We pulled up to Palm Cove and parked (for free, a little luxury!), both Jer and I immediately fell in love.


Just like the name says, there were palm trees absolutely everywhere. 


The beach comes with the warning of stingers and crocs, which were one of my biggest fears as a child, so there was definitely no chance of an ocean swim for me.


I did lay out on the beach, take several strolls along the water and along the beach path, shopped in the little boutiques, and lounged in a perfect striped hammock.


On the way home, I was driving and Jeremy suddently told me to pull over. I thought he may have been feeling sick, but once I pulled off the road, I found a polo field FULL of kangaroos. YES, A FIELD FULL OF KANGAROOS ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. It was one of the best moments of my life!


Wanna see Palm Cove for yourself (no promises of roos)?

GETTING THERE: From Cairns, take Captain Cook Highway north until you see signs for Palm Cove. Turn right onto Veivers Road and stay straight until you see the ocean. If you don’t have a car, there’s a bus that runs from Cairns city center.

EAT: The Rising Sun is a bar and bistro on the ground floor of the Sarayi Hotel, with fantastic food. Sit outside, listen to the ocean, and revel in the understated beach vibe.

My favorite restaurant in PC is Jack & Shanan’s, hands down. I’m still thinking about their Pitaya Paradise bowl full of antioxidants, and salted caramel gelato. Do not miss this one!

PLAY: Go all the way down to the south end of  the beach. The walk alone will inspire tons of Instagram photos and you can stop at the green and blue striped hammocks and take a breather. All the way at the other end of the beach is a small pier where you’ll see locals trying to catch dinner.

Walk along the other side of the road from the beach and pop in and out of the little shops. The shop owners are so laid back and happy to chat. I found tons of amazing handmade gifts that I couldn’t get for anyone because of my microscopic suitcase, but believe me, I wanted to!

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