Staying Fit On The Road

Hi everyone. Currently, I am the procrastinating husband who promised to contribute with writing from the male prospective and I figured it was time to live up to that promise!

As a person who obsesses over things that I’m passionate about, one of my biggest concerns prior to leaving was how to stay fit. I was a dedicated 5-6 day a week (sometimes twice a day) gym goer who did all types of things, from Crossfit to yoga and everything in between. Having a set routine was imperative to maintaining my progress, my sanity, and my abs (obviously my favorite part).
While we were in California and Australia, Crossfit gyms were plentiful and easy to drop in. They are happy to have you for a single session and are eager to work out a longer term deal. Even if their website doesn’t list a price for the duration of your stay, send them an email saying how long you are in town and they will usually accommodate with a reasonable price. Cairns was also great because they offered free group fitness in the park downtown as well as having tons of machines and exercise stations all around town
Fiji and Bali on the other hand only have a single Crossfit between the two of them (in North Kuta, Bali). They also don’t seem to be adopters of barbells or bumper plates. We were fortunate in Fiji that one of the places we stayed had an in-house gym. It had a ton of machines but I often found myself needing to get creative as the isometric exercises felt stale and did not promote much cardio. That was an easy fix since I brought my jumprope with me, and I set up my workouts in a circuit format to keep the heart rate up. When the gym was closed and when we were staying at the other location without a gym, I was able to supplement with long hikes, bodyweight movements, the occasional overhead squat with beach wood, and sprints in the sand. I also had a lot of time to work on my swimming which has always been a struggle. It is amazing how hard of a workout it can be, especially with my inefficient doggie paddle form.
Bali is a yoga mecca with studios everywhere. The first night, Katie and I stopped for dinner at a restaurant called Manik Organik and were pleasantly surprised that they had a studio right above with classes several times a day. There is definitely not a shortage of namaste or savasana as many people travel from around the world to hone their poses. Yoga is something that I really enjoy, but like swimming, I am not very good at. I sweat more during yoga than any other workout and my legs have never felt like jello more than when deep in a pose.
Looking back now, it was silly to worry about getting exercise and staying fit. I just needed to open my mind and look around me. Fitness isn’t just hitting the weights or needing to go to a gym, it can be found and performed nearly anywhere.
Cheers, Jeremy

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