Sanur, Bali

We’ve been in Bali for just about 3 weeks now but I’ve been a bit reluctant to post about it. When I imagined Bali, I saw white sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise water. I saw a place full of smiling zen people and immaculate temples. That’s just not the case in Sanur.

We rented a villa about a 10 minute walk from the ocean, and I have no complaints about it. It was a huge room with a great bathtub and pool, a stellar value for the money. However, it was off the main roads, which meant a long walk for meals or to shop. This may have been ok anywhere else, but it is INSANELY hot in Bali. All our clothes are soaked in sweat, looking cute in any capacity is not possible, and I get incredibly exhausted everyday.

I totally get we’re only a couple of degrees south of the equator so the heat can’t be helped. However, there are other issues with Sanur. The beaches are dirty, so full of trash that it made us upset to spend any sort of time near them. And they don’t have white sand and very few palm trees.

For the most part, the people were sweet, especially at our villa and at all restaurants we went to. But what we didn’t expect was the constant selling. On every corner there are men asking if you need “transport.” When you say no, they say, “for tomorrow maybe?” Every single taxi that drives by you will honk several times in hopes that you need a ride. Every shop you pass will have a woman begging you to come in and “just looking yes.” Even on the beach path, women will follow you for a half mile, desperately trying to get you into their shop.

We both got pretty frustrated at always having to say no, especially when I’m so used to saying yes (mainly to desserts).


It’s not all bad news though. If you did want to stay in Sanur, I’d recommend either far north or far south. The resort I saw that I liked most was Puri Santrain, which is further south. The beaches in front are relatively clean and there are several restaurants and pools to choose from. This would be a good place for honeymooners or families since it’s well contained and you wouldn’t have to venture out and deal with the city irritations.

All this being said, we did find some foodie gems in Sanur, which will be coming in a future post!

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