My Favorite Activity in Sanur, Bali (aka Eating)

When we got too hot in Sanur, which if you read my last post, you know was very often, we’d duck into cafes and restaurants for a dessert or granita. I’m not a foodie by any means, I’ll eat anything from anywhere, and when I find a restaurant I like, I go back again and again (which I know makes me a shame to travelers everywhere.)
Grocer and grind sanur bali

My favorite place in Sanur was Grocer & Grind. I had at least one lime granita per day, and the space was open and airy. I was hooked the first time we tried this place, we posted up often using their speedy wifi and I ate their Sweet Corn Fritters and Ricotta Hotcakes more than I care to admit.

tree table spoons sanur bali

Another place we loved was Three Table Spoons, which is right up the street from Grocer & Grind. Their outdoor patio was covered in these tiles I just died over. If you make it there, my perfect meal looks like this: a Watermelon + Mint Fizz, Twice Baked Beef Bao (drooling), and Laklak – mini pancakes with fruit and coconut ice cream – to top it off. The prices were great (the entire meal I mentioned above was about $6) and even though the cafe was open to the street, it was quiet.

beach side cafe sanur bali

If a stellar view is what you’re after, try the beach side restaurant in front of the Puri Santrian Hotel. I actually don’t know what it’s called, but walk down to the hotel and you’ll see this little gem. I’d read they served an inexpensive afternoon tea (like $8 for two people, which is insane for a full tea), but we were never around to have it. The main draw here is the view of one of the cleanest of Sanur’s beaches, the food is just average.

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