frequently asked questions

I’m really active on Instagram (@katiekloberdanz + @jpkloberdanz). It’s my favorite social media platform by far. I follow a lot of bloggers and I’ve noticed that almost all of them get asked the same questions all the time. Most of them have FAQ sections on their website, which is basic but so brilliant. And even though I’m not an uber popular blogger with millions of followers and the ideal pair of slouchy denim shorts (ahem, Sincerely Jules), I do get asked a few of the same questions quite a bit.

So, here’s our little FAQ:

1. How do you decide where to go?

Do you have a map? Put your finger anywhere on it. We want to go there. When you want to see the entire world, you’re willing to go just about anywhere at anytime. Sure, we have places that are higher on the list than others, but we’re open to it all.

"You Are Everywhere"
“You Are Everywhere”

2. How do you find good airfare deals?

I wrote this in depth post about finding good deals, it’s got all my tips!

Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji
Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji

3. How do you financially afford to do this?

We work! Jeremy has a remote job in the same field he was in in Dallas. I have a remote job as well and we do this blog in our spare time. Our monthly living costs are down significantly since we try to housesit as much as possible. We have very little overhead, the most expensive part of our lives is getting from one place to the other.

4. I wish I could do what you’re doing. What’s the first step?

Make a decision and stick to it. We threw the idea around for years before we finally did it. You can’t wait until the time is “just right” or you’ll be waiting forever. We had a million excuses: our jobs, owning a home, our dog, etc. When it comes down to it, if travel is something your soul tells you it needs, you have to listen.

Spending a day in the country out in Colorado
Spending a day in the country out in Colorado

5. What is your absolute dream trip?

For Jeremy, it’s taking a camper van through Patagonia. For me, it’s sailing from Argentina to Antarctica (despite being prone to seasickness.)

xx katie

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