Almond House Oasis, Spain

After our short stay in Almería, we took a series of buses to Huércal-Overa. My favorite thing during the travel day was when a tiny Spanish girl stopped dead in her tracks, looked at Lil, and said, “hola perritto!!!” (hi puppy) and smiled so big. It was majorly adorable.

After our bus trip north, we found ourselves at a tiny bus stop, being picked up by our hosts. They’re an amazing British couple who left the hustle and bustle of London life behind to start a wellness retreat in rural Spain.



The property has dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and of course, rows and rows of almond trees. It’s out in the absolute middle of nowhere, which is a cool desert vibe.





We eat salty pancetta and fresh eggs and so much paella and take walks through the dry hills to work it all off.


Jer is absolutely on cloud nine with the gym and circuit training setup. We’d only been here 20 minutes or so before he started doing pullups! (Workouts are mandatory because the market has stalls full of Spanish candy and these amazing sweet oranges.)





Our room is fantastic, a reading corner with stellar sunshine, a bed that’s basically a cloud, and a terrace with the best views, perfect for sunset watching!






We’re only here for a little bit before we go meet up with my family for Thanksgiving, so we’re soaking in the sunshine as much as possible. Sunny days with a high of 75* are going to be hard to beat!

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