Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell was listed as a “must see” thing while in Barcelona. As with all “must see” items, I take it with a grain of salt. They are usually busy and crowded and sometimes overly expensive. I’d heard stories of people waiting 2 hours for entry to the Parc, since they only admit a maximum of 400 people every 30 minutes.

You can buy tickets online (here) to avoid any issues with lines, although we got there at 9:30 on Sunday morning and went immediately inside with no wait.


It was still pretty empty when we first went in, but starting filling up soon after.


We started at the Nature Square overlook, which was insanely gorgeous. The tile detail is hardly describable.





The Park’s architect, Antoni Gaudí, was given the task of creating an estate for wealthy families, and wanted to recreate the selective British residential estates, which is why he used the English spelling of Park in the name.


From the overlook, we went downstairs to explore the gardens. Everyone seemed so caught up in the tile work (which was admittedly gorgeous) that they almost forgot the other parts of the park. The entire thing was just stunning.


There was a really colorful lizard of sorts that people were obsessively taking photos of. Instead, I snapped a pic of all the people lined up! It reminded me of the crowds in front of the Mona Lisa.

DSC01474 (1)

The side parks away from the main drag if you will, weren’t tiled, but were beautiful all the same. Twisted trees and passages meant there was a good photo around pretty much every turn.




IMG_7279 (1)DSC01458DSC01464

The other parts of the Park are pretty too, not just the Monument Zone. And they allow dogs, but we didn’t take Lilly because she was exhausted (apparently it’s really very difficult being a beautiful tiny dog that travels).


Also, the metro stop at Lesseps is where I was told to get off and has all the signs for the Park, but the walk from the stop to the entrance is pretty far, and hilly. Had I realized this beforehand, I would have snagged a taxi up to the Park and strolled back downhill.

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