Loire Valley, France

Back in the summer, my family decided to meet up over the Thanksgiving holiday. The fam chose their entry (Paris) and exit (Amsterdam) points, and I was in charge of the bits in between.

My mom came on Wednesday and my brother wasn’t set to arrive until Saturday. My brother hasn’t done Paris before so I knew we’d go full steam ahead once he arrived and figured we could use some relaxation beforehand.

Jer and I rented a car, loaded Mom’s luggage in the boot, and headed south to the Vallée de Loire. I’d found the most gorgeous château, and we settled in. My camera was on overdrive with the amazing details.



Lilly was in full #dreamlife mode.



It rained nearly the entire time, so we ate and swam and read and walked through the gorgeous rooms.


We did get a break in the clouds for a visit to Château de Chenonceau, which I’ll write about separately because it deserves it!

It was the perfect place to relax before the non-stop city life came our way.

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