Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What’s one of the most popular things in Amsterdam? Houseboats, of course. (Why, what were you thinking?! Something green?!)

So what better thing to do when visiting than rent a houseboat of our own? Thank you Airbnb!


(Side Note: Did you know The Netherlands and Holland aren’t the same thing? I didn’t. Turns out, The Netherlands describes the entire country of 12 provinces, and 2 of the 12, North and South Holland make up Holland.)

After our wonderful time in Paris, the family and I were super excited to go to Amsterdam, none of us had ever been.

We knew we wanted to hit the main sights, including the iAMsterdam sign in front of the Rijksmuseum. It was busy, of course, and an ice skating rink had been setup in front of it! The gardens outside and the indoor cafe/gift shop were fun too.



Possibly my favorite part of the entire stay in Amsterdam was the INSANE Cheese Inn. Rows and rows and rows of cheese, separated by flavor and cow or goat.


After shopping for cheese, we went shopping for the famous Holland Delftware. A glorious blue and white paradise.


Even though it was cold, we walked pretty much everywhere (family puffer coats for the win!), strolling up and down through the canals.




We also ate our fair share, mainly in cheese (!!!!), fries smothered in warm cheese, and the softest waffles.



Overall, our first time in Amsterdam was stellar. I kept telling Jeremy, “We should move here one day!” Maybe once we’re ready to settle down…

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