Ghent + Antwerp, Belgium

Last Friday, we picked up a rental car, shoved all 5 of us in it, and headed south to Belgium.

Jer and I have really come to love renting cars around Europe. We both got international permits (a copy of our American licenses translated into different languages and valid in a ton of countries) and it’s so easy to just start driving and figure it out on the go.



Today though, I had a specific destination in mind: Ghent, Belgium. I’d heard about this storybook town and wanted to see it for myself.

It was everything I’d imagined and more. SO. INCREDIBLY. BEAUTIFUL.



On our way to Ghent, we stopped in Antwerp, where we wandered around in the rain, got a parking ticket, and snagged some cute photos.


Anyway, back to Ghent. We wandered around the “downtown”, stopped in for some lunch (at a place that weirdly had the BEST gooey cheesy lasagna), and shopped at the cutest bath shop, where everything was pastel and smelled amazing.


Once night fell, I did NOT want to leave. The light was just fantastic.


We stopped for one last waffle before driving back to Amsterdam. Warm pear and Nutella for me, and apples, cinnamon, and whipped cream for Jer.


I know I need to come back and explore Belgium more in the future (I’m looking at you Bruges!).

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