Den Haag (The Hague), South Holland

We had about a week between when my family left and when we needed to be in England. We tossed around ideas of where to stay and settled on The Hague, about a 30 minute train ride from Amsterdam. 

Once we got there, the weather was gross, raining and windy, so we hunkered down and got a ton of work done. We’re also huge Netflix bingers so we started Downton Abbey and New Girl.

On the rare occasions it was decent weather and we weren’t working, we managed to explore a bit of this charming city. 


The Hague is the judicial capital of the world, the site of the UN, the Peace Palace, and the Binnenhof. The Peace Palace is the site of the International Criminal Court. They also had beautiful blue hydrangeas still in bloom outside! (Mainly, I was fairly desperate for an Amal Clooney sighting. #girlboss)


The Binnenhof is the world’s oldest House of Parliament still in use today. It’s surrounded by a pretty courtyard on one side and a small lake on the other. This was probably my favorite area to stroll. 


When we were walking through the beautiful Ambassadors neighborhood, I spotted the most adorable car. I wanted to hop in and immediately drive to the Italian Riviera for some sun (there was even a straw hat in the back window to fuel the fantasy!)

 Despite the bad weather and lack of good exploration days, I’d still put The Hague on the list of places I want to visit again!

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