Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

It’s no secret I LOVE England. I love the traditions, the accent, the Royal Family, afternoon tea, scones, crumpets, driving on the left, the list goes on and on…

However, I can now see why people complain about the British winters. Even though the temperature is pretty moderate, it’s been raining the majority of our past 3 weeks here. And the wind OMG. Maybe our place is in a weird wind tunnel or something because it literally howls all the time. 

Since this weather is really crappy (I mean who wants to get out and explore in the rain?!), we’ve been spending serious quality time with Netflix. 

I can’t even begin to list all the movies we’ve watched, I’ve Google imaged every warm weather destination I can think of, and we’ve debated at length who foots the bill when Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris go on vacation with her family.

But today was the last straw. I was tired of being inside and tired of the rain and I desperately needed a different perspective. (Side note: I bought Vitamin D supplement which were marketed as “Sunshine Pills” and the lady at the pharmacy told me they were bestsellers. So that should explain the weather a little further.) It was still drizzling and obviously windy, but we popped out for a nice, long walk. 

We walked through all the shopping arcades (the first one below is Victoria Quarter and it’s AMAZING), and to one of my fave stores, Harvey Nichols. They didn’t have the fragrance I wanted, but Jer and I tried on 3 dozen or so pairs of sunnies.  We walked through City Square and up through the fantastic Trinity Shopping Center.  After that it was over to Park Square, lined with adorable flats. And on to the Town Hall.       We passed Leeds Cathedral, with their cute garden out front, and Carpe Diem restaurant across the street.     I’ve never been so happy to have a couple of hours of fresh air and sunlight. Crossing my fingers the sun actually coming out during the day is a continuing trend…

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