Happy New Year! What can I even say about 2015? It was truly a banner year for Jer and me. Being [technically] homeless hasn’t always been the easiest route and every single day isn’t sunshine and roses, but overall, it’s been one of the best years of my life. Here’s a look into some of what we did!

In JANUARY, we were living in Dallas (miss ya Tex!) and I surprised Jer with a trip to Denver for our anniversary. While we were there, we saw one of my favorite people in person, the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. This was also the month I finally quit a job that wasn’t right for me.


FEBRUARY was quiet, but I did get to host a baby shower at my house for my beautiful friend Emily. It was the last event we hosted at the house and I love the photos.


In MARCH, we sold our house and moved [temporarily] back to Colorado and in with Jer’s dad. As weird as you think it’s going to be to live with your parents/in-laws at nearly 30 years old, we had the best time!



APRIL brought my first trip to California, specifically to Palm Springs, a place I’d wanted to go forever. Finally, we left on the first leg of our massive summer sabbatical, starting out in Fiji.


In MAY, we made our way from Fiji to Australia, a dream destination for both of us. We made new friends, and seriously contemplated moving to Sydney.


In JUNE, we went from Australia to Bali, which was filled with beautiful slices, but put together, it was a bit of a disappointment. But hey, you live and learn, and you get really cheap spa treatments in the meantime.


In JULY, we went from Bali to Sydney to Los Angeles, and finally, home to Colorado. The pile of mail that greeted us after 3 months away was insane!


AUGUST meant we were in North Carolina, with my family, and reunited with our puppy, Lilly! We played at the lake, in sunflower fields, and spent quality time with my grandmother.


In SEPTEMBER, it was time to celebrate both our birthdays! We were in the United Arab Emirates for Jer’s 30th and in Dallas with all my friends for my 29th. At the end of the month, we left for France.


We spent half of OCTOBER in France, and half in Spain. It was a truly magical, magical time for us.


In NOVEMBER, we made our first trek to sunny Barcelona, and spent time with my family in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


We ushered in DECEMBER in Holland, and soon after sailed to England, where we quietly celebrated the holidays. It’s rained and poured and I haven’t seen a proper sunny day in far too long, but I do love England.


Writing it down like this has helped me realize just how fortunate we are. Truthfully, in the moment, it’s not always easy to see. And what else is hard to see right now is how in the world 2016 could possibly top 2015.

PS The cover photo you see is my new logo! You’ll see it incorporated into the blog very soon!

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