The Magical Sala Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Even before we did the whole “quit your job, travel the world” thing, Jer and I still did our fair share of traveling. Sure, it was mushed around typical 8-5 jobs with horribly minimal vacation days, but we did it.

In 2014, we wanted to explore a bit of Asia. Thailand was decided on early on, and we picked Phuket specifically because of ease of getting there (minimal vacation days, remember?!). Next, we both made a list of large Asian cities we’d like to see, and chose the one that was on both our lists: Tokyo!

Side note: This is my favorite way to plan trips, Jer and I always makes lists in order of our importance, and choose the destination(s) on both lists. It also worked well when deciding where to go with my family.

We flew 14 hours from Dallas to Seoul, South Korea. I desperately wished we could have spent more time in Seoul, but really, it was only enough for a fantastic meal.


After stuffing ourselves silly, and doing a little bit of shopping, we flew from Seoul to Phuket. We hopped in a taxi, and went over to our resort, Sala Phuket Resort & Spa.

To say we were obsessed with this property is a gross understatement. We arrived at nearly 1:00am and were welcomed with gorgeous phuang malai, which is a Thai flower garland. We also had tea and these AHHHMAZING cold lemongrass towels, which felt amazing after being enveloped in heat/humidity.

So many times the photos you see online of a resort aren’t as great as the actual resort. Um, this is not the case at Sala. We stayed in a suite with an outdoor bathroom done up in the most beautiful white and gray tiles, a deep outdoor bathtub (re-filled with flower petals everyday!), and a private pool.


There was a tall wall around the pool, so we could swim whenever/however/wearing whatever.



Despite traveling for 24 hours straight, and checking in at 1:00am, once we saw the pool and our gorgeous room (floor to ceiling windows overlooking the garden, several lounge areas, and pool), we were invigorated. Jer placed a massive room service order and we dove right in. I took a 3:00am warm bath covered in flower petals and we watched the sunrise. Literal heaven.


After what was essentially just a long nap, we wandered over to the resort’s restaurant for breakfast. Their juice selection was fantastic, I probably had a dozen glasses of different juices every morning. There was a buffet with fruit and pastries plus you could order whatever other food you wanted, even if it wasn’t breakfast-y.




Most days we spent just lounging next to one of the two main pools or by our pool, lounging in bean bags by the bar, walking along the beach, or in the swings that dotted the back walkways.




Of course we left the resort (will write more about that later this week!) but it was so quiet and relaxing, with all these little alcoves and peaceful spots.

I loved the design of the resort, I felt that it really at home in the surroundings, very minimalistic and well thought out.


One thing I did think was a bit weird is there weren’t chairs out on the beach, and it was a bit of a walk from the poolside chairs to the ocean, but you can definitely swim out there. And the beach wasn’t sideways palm trees and crystal clear water, but it was beautiful in its own right. And there were some stunning sunsets.


Jer and I both still talk all the time about Sala and the incredible experience we had there. You know that if you lose track of what day it is, you had a good break!


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