I Married Adventure

“At its heart, this is the story of two people who met by chance, fell in love, and defied the odds to travel the world and follow their dreams.”


Jeremy and I have been married for 5 years today!


Since the day we met in 2007, we’ve been going places together. The night we met, I asked Jeremy what his favorite place in America was and he told me Telluride, Colorado. So, a couple of months later we went to explore Telluride. I need to pull out my old computer and find all the photos from that trip, it was incredible. (Don’t we look like babies here?!)


Since that first adventure, we’ve been on many, many others around the world. Some days it feels like just yesterday that we got married and some days it feels like it’s been forever.

I’ll spare you the ultra sappy so-in-love stuff and just tell you that finding someone who shares your crazy dreams is hands down the best thing ever.


Anyway, here’s just a few of my favorite photos of us over the years. (I know looking at pictures of me and Jer is just how you wanted to spend your Friday. You’re welcome.)


Quote at top of page is from the book I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson. Osa and her husband Martin were photographers, explorers, naturalists, and two of the most interesting people ever. #relationshipgoals

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