Frequently Asked Questions (Again!)

I’m writing another little FAQ to piggyback off the launch of The Life Bohemian podcast, where the first episode features some of my favorite travelers from Our Open Road. Hopefully, combining the inaugural podcast with this post and the post below will answer every question you’d have about us!


On a personal level, one of the most common topics seems to revolve around our family plans. Do we want kids? When? What if I get pregnant while we’re traveling?

Aside from the fact that it’s actually kinda rude for a stranger to be all up in my fertility business (you have zero idea what someone’s going through), I get why people are curious. We’ve been married for 5 years, and I’m closing in on 30, which seems to be the key ingredients for a near constant child talk. Most days, I’m not even sure I want a child at all, and while Jer and I talked about our future prior to marriage, it’s not something that is happening anytime soon. When people ask, I typically say we’ll have a child in 2025, just to get them off my back.

Another one that seems to be common is about our safety. We got the questions before going to the United Arab Emirates, we got them when we went to Paris 4 days after the terrorist attacks, and I’m sure we’ll get them in the future. However, we’ve never let fear of a certain place or news coverage steer us away from going somewhere we want to go. I’ve touched on this before, but I’ve never, not one single time, felt unsafe during my travels. That being said, there are definitely certain places that aren’t safe right now, and places I wouldn’t feel safe as a woman or as an American, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hold out hope that one day I can visit.

Many people want to know what our families think about what we do. Jer’s dad likes to make sure we’re safe, and I joke with my mom often about wanting us to settle down, but overall, our families are very supportive! They have never discouraged us or wanted us to live a more traditional life – they know this is who we are and we’ve always been a little off the beaten path anyway. My mom has already been out to visit, she’s coming again in the summer, and Jer’s dad and his fiancé are coming out in the fall. I suppose those feelings could change when we get into our 3rd or 4th year on the road, but for now, things are rosy!

How do you spend so much time together? Another popular question that I actually think is pretty legit. It’s rare that you meet a couple who spends 24/7 together without totally losing it, but we pretty much do. I think the key thing that works well for us is having separate “things”. Like, during most days we’re both working, so we’ll sit on our computers and watch TV in the background and we only occasionally speak to each other, since we’re both heavily invested in the work we do. (Typing it out like this sounds weird, us spending all day not speaking, but I promise it’s not!)

Jer will walk to get coffee or to the grocery store alone and he spends a lot of time planning/executing his podcast, and I’ll often go in another room and read, chat with my friends, update this blog, or take a bath. It’s just little moments alone, despite being in the same house all day, that I think helps keep us sane.

All that being said, by FAR the #1 question we get abroad is, “Are there really people in America who like Donald Trump?!” Umm…I don’t have a great answer for that (a few choice words maybe, but no great answer), but I’ve heard from other American travelers that it’s a common question for them too.

So, there we go. Did I miss anything?!

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