Versailles, France

Ok, so I’m hanging out in England right now (working hard on the Podcast!), but I want to continue my trend of updating on past trips, so I have the memories written down.


I’ve been to Versailles several times, most recently in November 2014. Jer, my mom, her travel buddy Kathy, and I were in Paris and decided to venture out to Versailles.


The grounds and gardens that I love weren’t that great this time because the statues were already covered and it just wasn’t as…green as I’ve seen. Plus, one of the main fountains was under construction (which has since been completed). While not as picturesque as I’m used to, it did mean we had the gardens pretty much to ourselves and could run and play as we pleased.

IMG_1639IMG_1559IMG_1533Once we got done prancing around outside, we stepped inside…

If you’ve ever been to Versailles, you know just how insane this place is.

Every room, every corner, every ceiling is just magical. The attention to detail is beyond stunning, including in the famous Hall of Mirrors. (Famous for a reason, yo.)


We also got the most adorable family photo in front of the palace once our tour was over.


All in all, the lackluster grounds were disappointing (but what did I expect from a late November visit?!) but the interiors were just as fantastic as ever. It’s an easy day trip and we had the best time! I think I’ve mentioned this before, but next time I’m in the area, I want to stay at the Waldorf Astoria-owned Trianon Hotel and have tea on the terrace every afternoon and bask in the heavenly surroundings (including a Guerlain spa).

For fun, here’s Jer and I on our first trip to Versailles in 2011.


(PS The Versailles website has a little feature that shows you when the busy dates/times are so you’ll know when to buy your tickets.)

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