Tea at Sketch Gallery, London

Last Friday, I spent about 8 hours in London. I met up with my sweet friend Helen at sketch, an Instagram darling of a resturant. We had a late tea reservation and were both really excited.

Sketch has several different rooms, but we went downstairs to the Gallery, a pink dream. It was packed with people but there were a few spots where no one was seated (perhaps the staff did this on purpose, since literally everyone was snapping dozens of photos).

However, it was dark. In all the photos I’ve seen of sketch, it’s bright and airy. Maybe it was the time of day we went, I don’t know, but there was very minimal light in there. I’ve drastically lightened up my photos, so you could get a better idea of the vibe we experienced.


Here’s our menu (prepare to drool):

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.02.06 AM

Helen skipped the salmon sandwiches, and had vanilla tea and I had a blackcurrant and hibiscus blend. The tea was delicious, with a touch of milk and brown sugar cubes. We both chose plain scones (does anyone like sultana scones?!) and the lemon cake.


Overall, the food was declicious. The pastries were incredible, and I loved the cucumber and ricotta sandwich. Helen and I both agreed the coffee cake was dry, but the marshmallows were so tasty. I could have had a whole bowl of those.

We had a great time catching up, and met the sweetest ladies from Dublin. We’d heard you couldn’t leave sketch without heading to the loo, which were these futuristic pods with a colorful ceiling. I’ve never taken so many photos in a bathroom before!


After tea, Helen was heading to a show, so we walked together to Oxford Street, where she went one way to her hotel, and I grabbed an Evening Standard and headed into the tube. I got off at the stop before Waterloo Station and did one last stroll by the Thames.


Hopefully, Jer and I will be back in the city soon, because I already have another list of things for us to do! Love ya, London!

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