Let’s Talk About TV

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m addicted to television…


Since I write mostly on this blog about cities/towns/trips, it might seem like we’re always outside or exploring or just generally doing something cool, but honestly, we also watch a lot of TV because it’s one of my favorite things in life.

I just don’t understand when people say they don’t like TV or don’t have one at home. I get so upset when people say they can’t find anything to watch. So I thought I’d make a list of all the shows I’ve enjoyed. I limited it to shows I’ve watched in their entirety (and liked, of course!) and are available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, HBOgo, etc.

For the record, Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, and Friday Night Lights are my favorite shows to have ever been on TV. I’ve seen every single episode dozens of times and will always re-watch. Also, if you’re a music lover, you have to watch Californication, the soundtrack is top notch. So, here we go:

FAVORITES (we can’t be friends if you haven’t watched)

Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, Sex & the City, House of Cards, Grace & Frankie, Law & Order: SVU, Californication

GOOD FOR BINGING (close attention not really required)

Suits, White Collar, Modern Family, The Office, Awkward, Nip/Tuck, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The O.C., Mozart in the Jungle, New Girl, Transparent

LADIES NIGHT (best appreciated with girlfriends)

Pretty Little Liars, Downton Abbey, Scandal, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Revenge, How To Get Away With Murder

TRUE CRIME (arguably the best type of show)

Making A Murderer, The Jinx, Fargo, The Staircase, Paradise Lost, The Thin Blue Line, The People v. OJ Simpson

DATE NIGHT (mutually freak out over how good it is)

Dexter, House of Cards, The Man in the High Castle, Mad Men, Entourage, Silicon Valley, Orange is the New Black, Homeland, The Fall, Weeds

CURRENTLY (what I’ve recently started)

The Good Wife, Better Call Saul, Bloodline

COMING SOON (what I’ll get into shortly)

Billions, 11/22/63, The Affair, Damages, The Killing, Narcos

DO NOT SUGGEST (won’t try/tried and hated)

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Bachelor/ette, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Fuller House, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story


In the interest of full transparency, Jeremy is livid with me over my “snub” of The Sopranos. For the record, I’ve seen every single moment of the show with the exception of the final 15 minutes of the last episode, so it technically wouldn’t qualify. And – I’m prepared for backlash here – I wasn’t all that crazy about it. 

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About TV

  1. OK – how did Fuller House make it to the “do not suggest” list?!?!?! And I have some suggestions; Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (not really what the title makes it sound like), and Togetherness. And of course, Real Housewives!


    1. I never liked Full House, and Fuller House is SO painfully cheesy! Girlfriend’s Guide is on the list, I LOVE that show! I didn’t include some of the reality shows because I haven’t seen them from start to finish. I need to check out Togetherness, I’ve never even heard of it!


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