Wisley Gardens, Surrey, England

One of our last weeks in England, our friends Pip and Austen invited us to stay with them at their beautiful home in Surrey. Lilly was in heaven, I call her Lady Lilly when she’s acting regal like this. (Brad and Angelina and Amal and George live nearby…I was CONSTANTLY on the lookout.) 

IMG_9419Pip is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, so she snagged us passes to Wisley Gardens. Even though it was still a bit early for full blooms, we had a great time. Just feeling the sun on our faces after 4 months of gray English winter was enough.

Look how beautiful!

IMG_9426IMG_9421IMG_9425There were little greenhouses dotted all over the property, and my favorite one housed tons of succulents, rock plants, and cacti.

IMG_9437The paths were lined with tiny, sweet flowers and blooms hung from vines, just waiting for you to walk under like a perfect floral umbrella.

IMG_9430IMG_9470But the crown jewel of Wisley was this giant greenhouse, stuffed to the brim with life.

IMG_9443IMG_9499IMG_9501IMG_9467Though my favorite would have to be the orchids. Oh my god, the orchids. They were everywhere, and just stunningly beautiful.

IMG_9469IMG_9463IMG_9496Once I’d finished properly freaking out over this greenhouse, we stopped by the main house and the incredible gift shop.

IMG_9481IMG_9483I loaded up my shopping basket (mainly with food items) then promptly remembered that I only have a carry on bag and was leaving the following day. Oh well. If you’re in the area, you know where to shop!

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