Rome, Italy

Earlier this week, we flew (over a STUNNING view of the Alps!!) from Amsterdam to Rome, where we had a couple of days to kill before our next housesit began.

IMG_9798I’d been to Rome before with my Mom, but it was Jer’s first time. I played a bit of a tour guide, showing him around and basking in that famous Roman light.

IMG_9842IMG_9898We’d been in the city for all of 20 minutes before we tucked into a pizza at a sidewalk cafe. As I’m sure you can imagine, it was delicioso.

IMG_9796We stayed near the Vatican, which was absolutely PACKED with security after Tuesday’s attack in Brussels. I was searched 4 times and went through a metal detector just to go into St. Peter’s Square (not even inside).

IMG_9808IMG_9809We’re going back to Rome in a month or so with my friend Melisssa, so we didn’t feel pressured to do much, just stroll and if we came to something, we’d pop in. All over the city flowers were blooming and despite a slight chill, spring was in the air.

IMG_9828IMG_9889IMG_9855IMG_9879Speaking of popping in, we did pay a visit to the Pantheon.

IMG_9836IMG_9835IMG_9888We also stopped by one of my favorite resturants in the city, Ginger. They serve organic food, with huge salads and fresh smoothies. It was heaven after binging on comfort food in England, and cone after cone of fries in Amsterdam.

IMG_9871We walked SO much and after hours of darting in and out of alleyways and piazzas, we found a bench and shared a coffee, and took a selfie, natch.


We can’t wait to be here again in a month, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite parts of the city with Jer and Melissa!

Do you guys have anything in Rome I should add to our list?

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