Cars Of Europe

One of my favorite things to do is people watch. I love sitting off to the side with Jeremy, making up little stories about the people passing by, talking about how they’re related, where they’re going, what’s mingling about in their head. Are they happy or sad or somewhere in between, and do they realize I’m kinda staring?

But it doesn’t stop at people, my obsession extends to cars too. I’ll wonder (out loud) who owns the car, are they somewhere exciting or are they getting a cavity filled, do they realize how fantastic this car is? Is anyone else as excited as I am about this vintage Fiat parked on a tiny Roman street, or is it just another commuter car and well, how practical can it be without a radio?

I like doing this so much because it’s life swirling all around me and I get to fill in the blanks with whatever I want. It’s people who are just like me. We aren’t all different, you know. We’re all the same, sharing our genetic makeup and an incomprehensibly microscopic place in the universe. Billions of people, all built from stardust, each one of us on a lifelong quest for happiness and love and acceptance.

Ok, anyway, aside from my hippie side showing (I didn’t know all that was going to come out, it just happens sometimes when you write), what I really wanted to show you was several of the cars I’ve seen lately. Most likely, you’ll notice I have a type: vintage, small, and utterly adorable.




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