Lago Albano, Italy

This past weekend we went to Lago Albano. I had no idea what we’d find, but I’d seen the lake on the map and figured since it was close, we’d head out and see. We rode the train through rolling hills, skinny trees dotting the landscape. Italian women chattered around us, while we just stared out the window, waiting anxiously for the lake to make an appearance. When it did, it was wonderful, blue and glittering in the spring sunshine.

IMG_0854.jpgIMG_0863We hopped off the train in Castel Gandolfo, and headed up the hill to the center of town. We found ourselves in the most adorable town. If you’re ever looking for a quintessential Italian town, Castel Gandolfo might be your place. The fact that it overlooks stunning Lago Albano doesn’t hurt either.

IMG_0825IMG_0872IMG_0928We didn’t do anything but stroll, which is a trend for us. Jeremy can just walk forever, his feet never seem to get tired. I need to stop and relax every once in awhile, which was convienent because there were plenty of places to do just that.

IMG_0871IMG_0879IMG_0889.jpgHigh above the lake, there’s a row of villas, most with ivy crawling up their sides. You might even meet a little friend out front!

IMG_0907IMG_0908IMG_0687.jpgOf course, there was plenty to fuel my ever-growing wisteria obsession.

IMG_0900IMG_0930Interestingly, Castel Gandolfo is not technically Italy at all, it’s part of the Vatican city-state. There is a papal villa here, available for the Pope to come and spend time away from Rome. The area is very proud of the connection, you’ll see signs of it everywhere you go.

IMG_0869IMG_0920IMG_0899We had the best time at the little towns around Lago Albano. It was the perfect, sunny, shimmering weekend break.

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