Capri, Italy

Capri is one of those places you should see at least once in your life. A tiny little island off the west coast of southern Italy, Capri has long been known as a haven for chic celebrities and the European jetset. Jackie Onassis is probably the person most often connected to Capri, there are timeless photos of her walking the skinny streets, shopping for sandals in her signature sunglasses (say that 10 times fast!).

Melissa and I took the 10:00am ferry from Positano to Capri, then the Funicolare to the center of Capri town.


At this point, we were both slightly skeptical, our first impression was that Capri was no Positano, and my god, was it crowded. But, we soldiered on, stopping for lemon grantias at the little shop at the top of the Funicolare exit, and heading out to find Caprese salads and Coca Lights.


After lunch, we walked through the Piazzetta, and down towards the other side of the island. The crowds finally thinned, and we stopped at nearly every hotel to snap some photos, Capri has some seriously gorgeous hotels.


We walked towards the other side of the island and were shocked to find we had the path to ourselves. It ended at Hotel Luna, where the patio had some of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen in my life.
Just over the railing were the famous Faraglioni, and YES, the water is actually that blue.


Plus, it was like everyone else had disappeared, it was just the two of us, relaxing on big comfy chairs surrounded by the sea breeze.


We finished our granitas while watching boats dash in and out of the rocks. I started to dream of coming back in the height of summer, when the water is warmer and I could take a boat out with a big picnic and jump in and out whenever the sun got to be a bit too much.


Finally, we gave up our perfect spot and headed up to Giardini di Augusto, a beautiful patch of gardens overlooking the coast.


The details really made Capri for me. Since we didn’t get to spend a ton of time there (had to catch that last ferry back to Positano since we were leaving early the next morning), it will be those little details that stick out in my memory.


I know I’ll be back to Capri one day, I have to fulfil my fantasy of taking a little wooden boat out on that gorgeous, turquoise water.

15 thoughts on “Capri, Italy

  1. So beautiful! I was in Positano, and wanted to do this trip to Capri. Unfortunately, the water was too choppy and all the ferries to Capri were canceled. Look at your pictures, will definitely will have to make another trip out there to see Capri!


    1. Hi Sonu! Yes, you definitely need to make a trip out there. What time of year were you in town? I was worried about the water (I get seasick) but we thankfully had smooth sailing!


      1. We went in mid May – and it was a stormy rainy couple of days. So not sure it was the time of year of just the few days we were there.


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