Florence, Italy

I’d always heard people come to Florence and just never want to leave. Well, I did the legwork and can confirm, it happens. I stepped out of the train station and into the mid-morning sunshine, and promptly fell in love. This place just has the BEST vibes.


I keep texting people and saying, “Ok, I’m moving to Florence!”

Lilly, Jer, and I did our usual: stroll aimlessly through the streets in the hopes that we get lost enough to find something magical, but not too lost that we can’t find our way home.


Last Sunday, we stumbled on a fantastic parade (literally stumbled, we left a store, walked around the corner, and walked straight into the middle of the parade participants). I’d had an exhausting couple of days and two very stressful train journeys, and suddenly, standing there in front of these guys wearing tights and feathers on their head, I started to tear up.


This right here, this random parade in the middle of town, put haphazardly together on a bright Sunday morning for no good reason, this is why I keep traveling even when it’s hard. Moments when I see something that is so different from home, from anything I’ve ever seen before, make it all worthwhile.

Awkward emotional moment aside, Florence was INSANELY fun. We stayed in an adorable Airbnb right in the center of town (a 90 second walk to Laduree!), and every morning we’d walk right out our door and into the still quiet streets.

IMG_2055IMG_2015IMG_2111IMG_2341 (1)

Going out early in the morning and then again late at night helped us avoid some of the crowds (NOTHING like Rome, but some areas, especially around the Duomo were still packed at times).


I had two unexpected favorite places in Florence: The Gucci Museum, and Magnum Firenze. Do you guys know Magnum ice cream bars? I hope so, because they are GOOD. When I saw an entire store devoted to Magnum bars, well, let’s just say it became a dangerous habit. They let you make your own custom bars!


Just like in Capri, it’s the details about Florence that I’ll remember most. It was sunny and 75* every day, so I’d walk around in my sunhat with my camera, just snapping little things that caught my eye.


The shopping was on par too. Florence is known for it’s leather, and I thought Mercato del Porcellino was the absolute best place to shop for it! I also loved window shopping on Via Roma and around the Piazza della Republicca. My favorite windows belong to Dolce & Gabbana.

Leave it to an Italian design house to truly capture the essence of Italy in clothing form!


About mid-week, Jer and I had a serious talk about cancelling the next leg of our trip and staying in Florence. We ultimately decided not to, but just the fact that we thought about it says A LOT about how much we loved it.


After our time there, I’m now convinced Florence would make the MOST romantic honeymoon spot. Up for a second honeymoon, Jer?


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