Gardens of Florence, Italy

We really lucked out with our weather in Florence. It was sunny and 75* nearly every day. This meant that we had ample time to explore the city’s various gardens.

My grandfather was an avid gardner and had a massive greenhouse built behind the house. He grew all kinds of flowers, including the most fragrant roses, but his orchids were really something spectacular. I’ll always remember him teaching me about flowers when I was a little girl, and I attribute my lifelong love of gardens to him.


My favorite garden in all of Florence Giardino delle Rose (The Rose Gardens) right next to Piazzale Michelangiolo. It was free to enter, so we went daily.


It’s quite the walk uphill, so we’d bring a little blanket and a bag full of food to setup a picnic as a reward to ourselves for making the climb.


And just like the name implies, it’s stuffed with roses, including my very favorite, Ophelia roses. It was pure heaven.

IMG_2198.jpgIMG_2084IMG_2100IMG_2107 (1)IMG_2282

We also wandered through Giardino dell’Iris (The Iris Gardens), on the other side of Piazzale Michelangiolo.


The spot for many a classic Florence photo, we loved standing between two beautiful statues, admirning a panoramic view of the city at Giardino Bardini (Bardini Gardens).


It really is a spot that must be seen!


Maybe someone else felt otherwise! 😉


If you’re lucky enough to visit in April, down the hill to the right, you’ll see an entire tunnel bathed in wisteria. We were just a touch too late (majorly depressing, since I love wisteria), but there were still a few blooms holding out.


We also paid a visit to Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Gardens), which, to be honest, I didn’t find as awesome as Giardino Bardini and certainly not as charming as my Rose Garden. However, if you have the time, you can always go see for yourself (plus, a ticket to Bardini gives you entrance to Boboli as well, so, you may as well!).


However, there was a sweet cat hanging around the entrance, which automatically makes everything better.


For a little bonus, you can hit the beach. Yes, the beach! In front of Piazza Giuseppe Poggi and next to Terzo Giardino, you’ll find a sandy spot on the Arno River, where you can lay out with other sun worshippers. It may not be Mallorca, but on warm summer days , it will definitely do.

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