Lake Como, Italy

I’m a chronic embellish-er and I typically fall further towards the “overly dramatic” end of the emotional spectrum. (Your classic Virgo problem, we’re either utterly obsessed or completely disinterested.)

This means I very often use words like “obsessed,” “stunning,” “OMGLOVE,” or “magical” when I talk about a place I’ve been. And I started to wonder if me always using these fluffy words to describe everywhere was detracting from the times when I actually mean it.

So, let me make something crystal clear: WHEN IT COMES TO BEAUTY, LAKE COMO IS UNPARALLELED.


There is just nowhere like this in Italy. There are other beautiful places of course, and certainly other lakes, but the combination of incredible scenery, charm, welcoming people, sunshine-y days, and grandiose villas seals the deal for me.


Our favorite little towns were Bellagio, Colonno, Tremezzo, Varenna, Cernobbio, Sala Comacina, and Laglio, all of which (except Cernobbio) are around the spot where Lake Como splits.


I think this is the best spot because it lets you see the hills around the lake AND the snow capped Alps towards the north all at the same time.


One of our favorite days was a tour around Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo.


I mean, just look at this backdrop!

FullSizeRender 5IMG_3250

All around the lake, roses and honeysuckle were blooming, which made for the most incredible smells.


Over the course of the week, I fell in love with two villas. They both had prime lakeside plots, but this one in Colonno was slightly more rustic, with rose bushes and iron fences and a very sweet man out sunbathing.


Then there was this guy…


…which I found out later belongs to Sir Richard Branson and can only be reached by boat or helicopter. No wonder I liked it so much, utter privacy!

Oh, and if you have to work while you’re on the road (like we do!), there’s simply no better place to do it.


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