Memorial Day in Mykonos

Greece was never on our itinerary. For some reason, when mapping out our Euro destinations, we overlooked it. Well, I’m damn glad that got fixed, because Greece is INCREDIBLE.

Bright and early on a Friday morning, we flew from Milan to Mykonos, via a tiny island called Skiathos with a microscopic surrounded-by-sea runway.

The entire flight I was absolutely glued to the window, the views over the Greek Isles were exactly what I’d always imagined.


We got picked up by the hotel car, went straight to Vodafone (to get a SIM card for our mobile hotspot) and discovered a Starbucks just next door. Cue both Jer and I being WIDE. AWAKE. and itching to explore.


I’d seen pictures of inland Mykonos before, so I was prepared for the desert-style landscape, but Jer was so surprised.


We found our hotel, the Mykonos Pantheon. The minute I saw so much white, plus an infinity pool over the Aegean, I was hooked.


This hotel you guys, it was beautiful.


And it blended in very well with its surroundings, which I really enjoy.


Greece just has this natural beauty, at times you can hardly believe it’s a real place.


The best part is, we actually didn’t do much of anything. We laid in the sun (under the most wonderful fluttering umbrellas), swam in the sea, and drank iced coffee.


When it got to be too hot, we took our ATV out to explore all the little beaches and coves.


And yes, the water really IS that blue!


8 thoughts on “Memorial Day in Mykonos

  1. Very touching and beautiful your article is really very nice to see such beautiful comments about your Country. Mykonos is a truly beautiful island and worth to rent a machine to Mykonos and to tour the island! The photos really GORGEOUS but would like to see a picture of yourself with the windmills!


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