Mykonos Town, Greece

I’m a planner. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I like knowing what I’m getting myself in to and what to expect, but on the other hand, I envy Jer, to be able to experience places for the first time without any expectations.

I say all that to say that I’d seen tons of photos of Mykonos on Pinterest, and it is a place that truly lived up to the hype.



The town is just as white and sparkling as you see online.


Literally, I had to wear sunglasses all the time, because I couldn’t look at the buildings without them. I read that they paint the buildings all the time, some as often as every month, to make sure they keep them bright, bright white.


The streets are small and winding, and you just get lost in little alleys, lined with cacti and flowers and shops. Linen and sandal shops are popular, plus the evil eye is on everything, which I just love (for reasons I don’t even know how to explain, I’m just drawn to it).


We showed up as exactly the right time, because hot pink bougainvillea was absolutely EVERYWHERE!!!


We ate our fair share of gyros, from the most delicious place in town, called Sakis. The pita bread was warm and the fries were crunchy and a touch spicy. So delicous.


The Greek people are just fantastic. They are so friendly and kind and open. They love Lilly (of course) and always tried to give us desserts and wine.

My favorite part of their culture was the practice of sitting outside. It seems so simple, but in town, all the shop owners and restaurant workers would sit outside in a cute setup and drink iced coffee and chat. When someone would go into their store or restaurant, they’d get up and come inside, but ultimately, they wanted to be outside with their friends. I thought it was so nice, not letting work get in the way of slowing down to spend time outside chatting with friends.


Jer and I would just sit watching the sunset, discussing at length about spending all our summers in Mykonos.


P.S. The island has a Starbucks. Enough said. 



12 thoughts on “Mykonos Town, Greece

  1. Wow, looks beautiful. We were thinking of going here later this year and you may have convinced us.


      1. Yes we were considering Santorini as well. Thank you for the advice and pictures! 🙂


  2. Im off to Mykonos in October. Thank you for sharing this. Also if you liked Greece I would suggest you go to Dubrovnik in Crostia. It wasmade by the Greek but invaded by turks and romans a lot so it is a very strange mix of those three cultures, meaning – they have food you cant eat anywhere else. Also game ofthrones was shot there 🙂


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