The Beaches of Mykonos, Greece

There are no shortage of beaches to choose from on Mykonos. We picked up a “Best Of” magazine and the beaches and beach club options filled up dozens of pages. It was slightly overwhelming and quite hard to narrow down which ones we wanted to visit, so we hit (nearly) all of them on our trusty ATV.


The beaches are exactly what you’d expect from a Mediterranean/Aegean enclave, crystal clear water with a rocky beach and topless tanning. So in short, perfection!

agios sostis 1.jpgIMG_4081.jpg

So, I thought it might be nice to list out our favorites, in case you ever find yourself starting blankly at a 600 page “Best Of” magazine, wondering where to start:

Kalo Livadi – This was a tiny strip of beach near our first hotel on the east side of the island. It’s good for a quiet day spent boat watching across gorgeous water.


Paradise + Super Paradise – Fairly descriptive with just their names, but you shouldn’t come to Mykonos without at least glimpsing these two. Too busy to spend the day there, but beautiful none the less.

Panormos – Enormous Panormos. If that’s not already a commonly used phrase, I just invented it. Another one that’s too busy for me to spend the entire day on, but if you want to party or you’re not old and grumpy like I am, check it out.


Elia – Elia is a bohemian paradise. Think delicious restaurants with barefoot waiters and fresh seafood, looking out over turquoise water and swishing umbrellas. Heaven.

Elia beach.jpg

Ornos – Are you super hip? Ornos is your place. Tons of umbrella/chair options, and filled with gorgeous people with tan skin, this is the place for people watching.


Paraga – Paraga was a quick stop on our ATV island tour, but hands down the best water. It was calm and about 10 different shades of blue and green. A perfect spot for photos.


Aghios Stefanos – If you want to keep close to Mykonos Town (maybe you’re dead set on the best gyros for lunch), try Aghios Stefanos. It’s not the most gorgeous beach, and you’ll see the ferries go in and out all day, but it’s got cheap chairs and the closest umbrellas to the town center.

aghios stefanos.jpg

Agios Sostis – Saving the best for last, this was my absolute favorite beach on the island. It was a slight hike down, and there are no umbrellas, but it was calm, quiet, and obscenely gorgeous. When you’re done on Agios Sostis, drive past the beach (with it on your right side) and keep driving until you see a dirt road. Then keep driving some more, down towards the water. You will be rewarded with the most incredible view and the quietest spot for snorkling or tanning.

beyond agios sostis.jpg


Armenistis Lighthouse – I’m a researcher so I knew quite a bit out Mykonos before I arrived. But I never once saw this spot mentioned in any of my research. Take your car/ATV about 8kms north of Mykonos Town and you’ll start to get out of town, and slowly wind up the coast. You’ll begin to see signs for the lighthouse, follow those up and up and up until you see your destination. Park and walk up and around the lighthouse for some to-die-for views. We were alone and it was very romantic. Not sure why this spot isn’t more popular, but I kinda hope it never gets that way.

Lighthouse Bonus.jpg

Scorpoios Beach Club – This is the ultimate beach club. I don’t need to use a ton of fluffy words to describe this place, I just need to drop their link here and let their INCREDIBLE photos do the talkin’.

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