Paphos, Cyprus

When we checked into our Airbnb in Paphos, the first question we got was, “How did you guys find us?!” Our host said they don’t get very many Americans visitors. If you look at the geography, it’s easy to see why. With Turkey to the north, Egypt to the south, and Syria to the east, it might seem like a slightly scary area of the world, but don’t let that deter you. Cyprus is gorgeous, the people are friendly and kind, and it’s a remarkably safe country.

That first day exploring, I kept noticing so many different types of plants. Just on our block we found olive trees, pomegranate trees, palm trees, watermelon vines, agave, blooming cacti, bougainvillea, grape vines, squash, and row after row of banana trees!


We went out to Coral Bay, which was very busy, but still had a pretty little beach, with fine sand (unusual on the Mediterranean) and calm water, perfect for swimming and lounging on rocks, pretending you’re a mermaid. (Just me?!)


My mom, Jer and I shopped, ate, swam, and attempted to do our part to keep the lights on at Starbucks. We’d get drinks and sit outside next to this long stretch of wall with a variety of different styles of art painted on it, in the most relaxing form of graffiti I’ve ever seen.


The town of Paphos is very much a cosmopolitan place (think Zara, Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, Sunglass Hut, even Taco Bell!), but it’s unique because just steps away from all that is a gorgeous stretch of coastline.


You can be trying on sunglass or buying dried fruit and two minutes later, be walking down a well placed set of stairs into the sea. Talk about a quick way to cool down!


8 thoughts on “Paphos, Cyprus

  1. Beautiful photos, nice to see that you had a lovely trip 🙂 I visited Ayia Napa & Paphos this summer and honestly liked Cyprus as a whole.


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