Larnaca, Cyprus

After 2 weeks or so in Paphos, we decided to move east. Cyprus is not a huge island, so moving from place to place was super easy, plus we wanted to experience another part of the country.

I’m so glad we did. I preferred Larnaca and the east side of the island to Paphos and the west side. It felt less crowded and I thought the beaches were prettier. There’s a downtown promenade that backs up to Finikoudes Beach, with tons of restaurants and bars. The palm trees swaying in the wind made for the perfect backdrop to our (excessive) coffee stops.


My favorite place in all of Larnaca was Coffee Corner. It’s on the main street (Athenon St.) and was the most adorable cafe ever. The blue and white stripes and cute wall sconces transported me straight to Palm Beach. Plus, they made a mean frappe and had giant butter croissants.


If we weren’t at Coffee Corner, you could probably find us at one of the many hookah bars on the water. My mom had never smoked hookah before, and Jer loves it, so he was more than keen to explain the whole process to her and have her practice.


When we weren’t doing either of those two things, we were out exploring, which is my favorite part of moving to a new city every few weeks. We found little alleyways covered in potted plants, doorways flanked by flowers, and of course, an insane amount of bougainvillea.


When we felt we’d given the city center it’s due diligence, we ventured out, to the Salt Lake. The lake is famous as a winter hideaway for thousands upon thousands of flamingos, including an extremely rare black flamingo. Bummer for us, not a ‘mingo in sight in the summer.

But since it’s so hot this time of year, the lake evaporates very quickly, and during the day you can walk right out on it. It was really very cool to be standing on a lake bed made of salt crystals.


One day we made it all the way up to the Troodos region, named for the mountain range in the middle of Cyprus. The mountains aren’t very tall (1,952 meters max), but they do have ski slopes, which I found very amusing for a Mediterranean island.


We stopped at Millomeris Waterfalls, where Lilly lapped up some fresh mountain water, and Jer tried to teach us (unsuccessfully) to skip rocks.


We had the best time discovering Cyprus and Larnaca made a great base for all our little adventures. Plus, any city with this many coffee shops is an automatic winner in my book.

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