Therme Bucharest

A week ago, I didn’t even know Therme existed and that is an absolute tragedy. As soon as I found it down the rabbit hole we lovingly call the internet, and saw it was Europe’s largest thermal complex (drawing its waters from a depth of over 3,100 meters), I knew we HAD to go.

Therme puts “good things come in small packages” to shame. With a total land area of 250,000 square meters, apparently good things come in extra large packages and include aromatherapy spa treatments.


We took a 30 minute Uber ride from Bucharest, and rolled up to the MASSIVE complex right. Therme has 3 different sections: Galaxy, The Palm, and Elysium. They are tiered and you can buy in increments of 3.5 hours, 4.5 hours, or the full day. There’s an à la carte menu, and you can really create any sort of mix of areas that you want.

Galaxy is the “fun” area, with pools and water slides, but literally crawling with children, so no thanks. The Palm is the “relaxing” area, with huge pools and various hot tubs. And Elysium is the “spa” area, with saunas and mineral baths.


There’s also an outdoor pool, “beach” area, 3 restaurants, 12 water slides, and over 800,000 types of plants, so safe to say you may not see it all in one go.


We bought Elysium day passes, which included The Palm and Galaxy tiers as well. I immediately chose a large sun bed in a secluded spot next to the spa area, surrounded by palm trees and uber quiet.



Elysium was an absolute dream. We had our choice of 8 different saunas, aromatherapy rooms, a panoramic deck overlooking the main swimming pool, and that was just on our floor.

The Palm was gorgeous, there were swim up bars and hot tubs, orchids framed the entire pool, and their restaurant was the best (I had curry by the pool for a snack!). However, we were there on Sunday, so the pool got very crowded as the day went on. We did venture over to Galaxy, and did some of the water slides, which admittedly were really fun, but the entire time I was reminded of the virtues of birth control. If you want to do the slides and wave pool, do those first thing in the morning, get it out of your system and move on to spots that feel less like a cattle call.


My absolute favorite part of the entire complex was the Himalayan Sauna, which was completely covered in Himalayan pink salt. The room smelt amazing and wasn’t too hot, so it was perfect for me. I didn’t carry my phone around (no pockets on a swimsuit!), and it wasn’t allowed in many spots, but I snuck it in to the Himalayan Sauna because I felt the gorgeousness of this needed to be shared. So, my lawlessness in the face of spa rules is your gain.


If you like spas and pools (LOL here because who doesn’t?!), you’d really like Therme Bucharest. Go on a weekday if you can, and go ahead and buy that day pass, you deserve it.


Bring 2 towels, your bathing suit, and a pair of plastic sandals. All your items will go in a locker and you’ll get a bracelet to charge on, so don’t worry about bringing too much. You are required to sit on a towel in the saunas, which is why I say bring 2 towels, one to save your lounger, and the other to use in the sauna or pool.

Photos underwater or in the saunas aren’t allowed, but you can take pictures of the outdoor area, lounge areas, etc. You’ll probably want to just leave your phone/camera in your locker, and just go back and get it when you have a second to walk around the complex and take photos.

Women are required to tie their hair up, although no one said anything to Jer, who has hair longer than 50% of the women there.

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