Bucharest, Romania

If I asked you to name the largest cities in Europe, would you put Bucharest at number six? London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris are the top 5, but then there’s Bucharest making a surprise appearance.

We’re spending a total of 3 weeks here, which is the longest we’ve been in one apartment in quite some time. I’ve already shown you all the beautiful buildings Bucharest has to offer, and I also told you about Therme, the seriously amazing thermal spa we went to, which was more than worth the 30 minute Uber ride.

But I also want to post some photos of the little details in the city, some things we’ve stumbled on while out exploring.


I loved the colorful tiles lining the bottom of the fountains along the Bulevardul Unirii. (The fountains led up to the Palace of Parliament, which is the second largest administrative building in the world, only surpassed by the Pentagon.)


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’d always wanted to see an umbrella street. I finally saw one in Nicosia, Cyprus, and found another here in Bucharest! How can something so simple as hanging umbrellas bring so much joy?!


I also found this scooter covered in flowers sitting outside a restaurant in Old Town and basically had a meltdown. I took about 25 photos of it before Jer had to drag me away. #amateurphotographerproblems


I felt like there was a fountain of some sort around just about every corner. If you got the angle just right and a gust of wind was in your favor, you could get a refreshing spray when it got too hot (which, since it’s August, was all the time).


We took a weekend and got a car, driving to the little ski town of Sinaia, in Tranyslvania. The weather was perfect, and the town reminded both Jer and I of a little village in Colorado. We both jumped out of the car and practically gulped in fresh mountain air.


There wasn’t much to do in Sinaia if you aren’t hiking or skiing (neither of which we were doing), but the houses were traditional and the drive from Bucharest was excellent.

We also drove down to Constanta, on the Black Sea. We didn’t make it to the Black Sea while we were in Bulgaria, so I wanted to at least go check it out.


After some of our summer spots, it was underwhelming, but I’m still glad we made the trip. I’d suggest going to a different spot if you choose the make the trip out!



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