First Days In Croatia

Do you ever sit back and think about how strange it is that the things that are currently happening in your life were once only dreams or plans?

When we moved to Europe last September, I would constantly talk of spending the summer on the Mediterranean. It’s one of the things that got me through winter in England. Croatia was very high on that list, one of the places unabashedly looked forward to the most. Plus, it’s outside the Schengen Area, and for visa purposes we are legally required to stay out of Schengen for 90 days (not that I’m mad about it!).

Sunday we got up at 2:00am (YIKES), headed to the airport in Bucharest, and took a 45 minute flight to Belgrade, Serbia. We spent 7 hours in the Belgrade airport (UGH) then took another 45 minute flight to Split, Croatia. I had the biggest smile when we touched down, which was probably a combination of flying over the Adriatic Sea dotted with sailboats + finally ending a super long travel day (that didn’t actually involve that much travel).


Split immediately felt good. In the Uber on the way to our Airbnb, I literally had my head stuck out the window, that’s how happy I was to see the sun and sea. We got to our Airbnb and absolutely crashed. Getting up at 2:00am is no joke y’all. How I used to stay up and party all night is beyond me.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed for coffee. In a fantastic twist of fate, we stopped at a place that’s known for having the best cake in Split. Jer had a mango + coconut slice and I had a strawberry + mint slice and we were both in heaven. Cue heart eyes emoji.

So, after our caffeine and sugar trance, it was time to see what Split had to offer. We walked along the water through “downtown”, taking photos and choosing boats we’d like to sail around the world in.


We wound in and around the streets of Split, doing our best to slink from shade spot to shade spot. Some of the stone pass throughs were so skinny, we barely made it through with our cake bellies. And I found these little hearts, which you know I totally fawned over.


Finally, we made it to Marjan Park. Cloudless blue skies descended into turquoise water and we just kept going and going because around every corner, it seemed to get better.


I posted a video to my Instagram account of the magical little sun sparkles, I took more pictures of them that was probably necessary.


I cannot wait to keep exploring Split, and the entire Adriatic Coast. You know I’m a sucker for ridiculous turquoise water, so it’s a perfect scenario. More photos (spoiler: they will be mostly sea related) to come!

4 thoughts on “First Days In Croatia

  1. Just gorgeous! We’re getting serious now about planning surrounding stops to my cousins Italian wedding next September so keep these coming!! Getting me extremely excited!


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