Hvar Island, Croatia

Never one to shy away from a good bout of island hopping, there’s no way I’d come to Croatia and not venture away from shore. The first stop on our tour-de-islands was Hvar.

It’s only about an hour by boat from Split, and while you’d think that means the two are indestinguishable, it’s not so. They have plenty in common (sunshine, blue skies, water that takes your breath away) but Hvar feels slightly more casual, and both Jeremy and I immediately got great vibes.


From the ferry port, you can either head left or right, and thankfully, we turned right first. We walked pretty far, past tons of boats achored, with their passengers hopping in and out of the water.


We kept walking until we found a swimming spot we liked. Our qualifications aren’t super high, clear water and some rocks for drying off in the sun.


The water is still slightly chilly but the contract between the intense summer sun and the icy water is actually perfect.

After this swimming spot, we moved on to another spot. The minute I saw this cheeky little painted sign on the stone steps, I was sure we were in the right spot.


We went all the way down to the water, found some smooth rocks, and immediately took off for the skinny ladder leading into the sea.


After we swam until we were just exhausted, we left our perfect spot in search of spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) and some ice cream. After lunch and another round of “choose which boat you’d buy first” we walked through the tiny Hvar Town and to the other side of the cove.

IMG_6051 3IMG_5987

It was later in the day and had gotten quite crowded (Europe in August y’all), but nothing could really detract from the beauty of this island.


We said bye to Hvar and watched the sun set from the front of the boat, passing islands and sailboats all the way home.

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