My Favorite Things: Dallas

In the words of the great Tim Riggins, TEXAS FOREVER. I love Texas, Jer and I lived in Dallas for about 5 years and I truly had the very best time, both in the city and throughout the state as a whole. Even typing out all my favorite things has me desperate to go to Dallas ASAP. I hope it makes you feel the same way.



Tanoshii – I’d probably say Tanoshii is my favorite spot in Dallas. Their spicy miso ramen is just the most delicious thing. Also, start with some pork belly buns and prepare to die happy.

Cane Rosso – Pretty much everyone I know is addicted to the Honey Badger Pizza at Cane Russo. It’s indulgent for sure, but so insanely good.

Taco Diner – Taco Diner is the first place I thought of when making a foodie list. It’s a Dallas institutions. My standard order is a Los Cabos Salad and a Diet Coke. If you drink, order a Mambo Taxi, a heavely swirl of frozen margarita and sangria.

HG Supply – Raise your hand if you like brussel sprouts! Several of my friends say HG is their fave restaurant in the city, they serve healthy food that doesn’t taste healthy. Plus, their rooftop is amazing.

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM – I don’t think Sprinkles is necessarily the tastiest of cupcakes, but dammit getting them out of an ATM is fun. The best spot for a little late night visit. Also, Sprinkles Ice Cream is next door and they can make an ice cream sandwich but with cupcakes!

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen – Sissy’s reminds me of North Carolina, in the best way possible. Fried chicken, cornbread, sweet tea, chocolate cake, OMG. Their decor is out of this world and their patio is the best place to relax.

Deep Sushi – Deep Sushi isn’t gonna blow you away with their setup, but the sushi is incredible. The best ahi tuna tower I’ve ever had by far.

Blind Butcher – Watermelon salad and mushroom poutine doesn’t exactly sound like what you’d expect from a place with “butcher” in the name, but they definitely make the trip to BB worth it.

Emporium Pies – Who doesn’t love pie?! My friend Melissa had pies at her birthday party one year, and I fell in love. I’m a lemon lover, so my fave is Mellow Yellow.

Royal Blue Grocery – I’m usually a Starbucks girl, but will readily admit RBG has some of the absolute best coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Rise No. 1 – One word: souffle. Two more words: marshmallow soup. Go and order both and be more-than-pleasantly surprised.


Blue Print – If you like home design any bit at all, prepare yourself. From the minute you go through the cute blue door, you’ll be in love. The most gorgeous of stores and one that’s prime for Instagramming.

Gypsy Wagon – Hands down my favorite shop in Dallas. Bohemian clothes, shoes, accessories, and home decor. They’re also the best stop for unique gifts and cards. Go in prepared to want everything.

Milk & Honey – Boho glam, which in my opinion is the best type of store. Rustic decor only lends to the feeling of an exclusive shopping experience, but at reasonable prices.

Original Neiman Marcus – You can’t come to Dallas, home of Neiman Marcus, and not go to the original downtown. If you’re in town around Christmas, The Zodiac restaurant does the most fantastic brunch.

NorthPark – The main mall in Dallas is a place that should be seen to be believed. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the mall is no exception. Plus, priceless art adorns the wall, so you can shop swing your Burberry bags as you walk past Warhols.

Rio Ritz – Affordable, yet adorable. That’s how I’d describe the selection at Rio Ritz. I also like how it’s in a casual house on a side street, it makes it feel more like you’re the only one who’s going to have that sweater.

Highland Park Village – What’s in a name? Well, if it’s Chanel, Dior, or Ralph, then quite a lot. Highland Park Village is the place in Dallas for high end shopping. Fun fact: it was the first self-contained shopping center in America.

Nest – Another shop that’s great for gifts, and just a walk around will provide endless design inspiration. Also a perfect spot to get custom invitations or cheeky stationary.

West Village – Home of the best gel manicure in Dallas (at Nail Bar), as well as bringing the feel of New York (in walkability and in apartments above retailers) to Dallas. West Village is part of Uptown, which overall has a hip vibe.



Meadows Museum – One of my favorite pieces of art ever is an etching by Salvador Dalí titled Portrait de Marguerite and you can see her in all her golden glory in the Meadows Museum on the SMU campus. It’s a smaller museum, but I think my girl Marg is worth seeing.

Dealy Plaza + The Sixth Floor Museum – One of the most interesting places in Dallas, Dealy Plaza is the site of the assassination of JFK. The Sixth Floor Museum takes you through JFK’s campaign, a timeline of 11/22/63, and his legacy. There’s also an X painted on the street at the exact spot of the shooting, which is either fascinating or morbid, depending on who you ask.

Klyde Warren Park – Food trucks, dogs, yoga, meditation, the list goes on and on. Needless to say, Klyde Warren has quite a bit to offer. It also sits over the highway, which is a pretty cool feat in itself. 

Nasher Sculpture Garden – One of the finest collections of modern and comtemporary sculpture in the world. And just as you’d expect from the home of such a collection, the building is not too shabby.

White Rock Lake – To getaway from the city, try White Rock. It’s a perfect spot to shake off the workday and get some exercise in. The lake is beautiful any time of day, but truly shines during sunset.

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens – Everyone loves botanic gardens, don’t they? (Well, if not, then you should.) The gardens are worth seeing on their own, but from time to time they have special exhibits. I was lucky enough to see the most incredible Chihuly display a few years ago.

Reunion Tower – The most famous piece of the Dallas skyline, Reunion Tower towers above the rest (see what I did there?!). The restaurant does a full rotation every hour, so you have incredible views over the city. Their happy hour is super fun but you can also just go up to the observation deck.



The Joule Hotel – You know I love a good luxury hotel, plus the Joule is in a great downtown location. The best part though? The pool. It juts out of the side of the building, and who doesn’t want to swim in a pool high above the heads of every one else?!

BBQ – If you’re coming to Texas, you’ll need to try some barbeque. There are several options (Pecan Lodge, Mike Anderson’s, Smoke, etc.) and you’ll always find someone to argue with over who serves the best. The reason this is in the bonus section as opposed to the food section is because it’s a well known fact that North Carolina (my home state) has the best BBQ on the planet, but I’ll allow Texas to claim the second place spot.

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