Sundays/Sundaze in Split, Croatia

When does summer end? Is August the last month? When I was younger, September always equalled back-to-school, which automatically makes me think of changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes and plaid. But, it’s almost September and it’s not cooling down so maybe I can extend it a while longer.

I tried to be quite clever with the title of this post, get it?! But really, last Sunday actually was a day filled with sun, which is why I went on that whole tirade above about summer and when it’s officially over and how I can stretch it out. Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into how my mind works, I wanted to share some of the photos I took while we were out and about this past Sunday.

It started at what’s probably my favorite place in Split (well, to eat anyway), Luka Cafe. Along with coffee and smoothies, they have the very best cakes and ice cream in all of Split, and honestly, probably in all the world. I had their blueberry ombré cheesecake and Jer had lavender and forest berry ice cream. Plus, the square in front of the cafe was filled with cats lounging in the shade and an adorable pink and green boutique.

Messages Image(2732057847)IMG_6080

After proper caffeination, we walked very slowly in the direction of Diocletian’s Palace, which is probably the most popular place in Split. The fact that the walk included a large amount of flowers was just icing on the cake. (For sure, Jer is sick of me always gasping whenever I see flowers.)


Since it was still fairly early in the morning, we were able to get a rare treat in Europe in August – a nearly empty square.


We had another coffee while sitting on the stairs, at Luxor Cafe, which was pretty wonderful. It was a bit surreal to be sitting on the steps of something built in the 4th century AD. It’s been standing for all those years, yet I can pop on down and have a latte. Wild!


The rest of the day was spent slowing working our way through the little shops of Old Town, down into the main square,  and along the waterfront.


It turns out we walked about 12 miles total that day, but when the view looks like this, who’s got time to notice a little foot cramp?


What a perfect little Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Sundays/Sundaze in Split, Croatia

  1. Hello,  this is Crystol I’m Jeremy’s cousin Chris’s wife and I am curious off you would be interested in helping me out.  I am about yup teach a personal narrative unit to 9th graders and I’m curious if you wouldn’t mind writting one for me to use as a model.  Non- fiction is the deal and I love your writing style.  I’m looking for a specific event that follows a plot line.  Are you interested? 

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    1. Hi Crystol! I’d love to help you out. I’d have to say I’m not sure exactly what writing a personal narrative would entail (maybe I need to be the one back in 9th grade!!), but I’m definitely willing to do it! Email me at and give me all the details! Thanks!


  2. My boyfriend wants to go to Croatia in two years- and I am loving this post, because it gives me a feel for what to expect! Usually I am the one with the ideas/decisions, but he chose this one! So now I’m playing catch up!


    1. Hi Brooke! You’d love Croatia, it’s really fantastic here, and seriously so beautiful. Your boyfriend has some pretty great vacation taste! Email me if you want more details, I could talk forever!

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      1. We are doing an 8 day biking tour through the islands! Start in Split, then head to Hvar, Vis, Korkula, and Solta. After we are headed toward Dubrovnik, Bosnia and over to Montenegro. I’m getting so excited. I’ve read so much, I’m ready for the real thing.


  3. Thanks for sharing :), we are going to Split this year. Can you recommend a quiet part to stay in near the sea, not too far from the town at all where jogging might be possible? I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have a nice day, Sam 🙂


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