Five On Friday

TGIF! Am I allowed to say that? I remember years ago, I had a friend who was unemployed and she used to post “TGIF!!!!!!” on Facebook, and I hated it. I was always bitter because wasn’t every day her Friday? As someone who has a very unconventional work situation, I now realize that just because you’re not in an office every day, it doesn’t mean Friday isn’t exciting. So, I feel TGIF is still appropriate and I’m going with it.

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve found recently that I really enjoy, and that I think you guys might enjoy too!

  1. My Favorite Murder Podcast – True crime + comedy. If this combination sounds odd to you, move on to #2. However, if you’re like me and obsessed with true crime, and ya like to laugh, you will love My Favorite Murder. Each episode starts with hilarious banter between the hosts Karen and Georgia, and continues with each telling the other stories about murder. It’s funny and fascinating all at once.
  2. Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nurishing Lip Balm – For some reason my lips got super dry when we came back to the beach. I’d heard of this Nuxe balm before and been told it was a lifesaver, so when I spotted it in a Split pharmacy, I decided to give it a try. Well, all the hype is true! If your lips get dry/chapped at all, you need to give it a try.
  3. Baked Ideas – Raise your hand if you love cookies! I’m expecting 100% hand-raising on this one. My new favorite account to follow on Instagram is @bakedideas. Patti makes incredible cookies, decorated in various hyper-realistic ways, from tomatoes to unicorns to basically every emoji. You’ll love it!
  4. Barista documentary – When we flew from Romania to Croatia, we had a very long layover in Serbia and Jer rented a couple of movies for us to watch to pass the time. One of them was Barista, about 5 guys in competition to win the National Barista Championship. If you’re a coffee lover like I am, you’ll find the doc entertaining.
  5. How To Zoom In On Snapchat – I’m still fairly new to Snapchat (username: katiekloberdanz) but it’s my favorite social media platform because you can be silly and it’s so in the moment. I’m always interested in learning new little tricks for my snaps, which is where this little video comes in handy.

So, there’s 5 things I’m really into right now and I’m confident you’ll like as well. If you do watch the documentary or start listening to the podcast, let me know because I love nothing more than discussing entertainment.

P.S. How cute is this picture of two little cats I found snoozing in Split?

2 thoughts on “Five On Friday

  1. I submitted a hometown murder story to My Favorite Murder! I’ll die if the actually read it on the podcast!! (No death pun intended!)


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