A Private Swimming Cove

Milna is small. Like 833 people small, and when I look around, I honestly don’t know where they all live. There don’t seem to be enough houses to even fit half of those people.

But I do know where those people aren’t going. To swim in this little cove I discovered. Since it’s our last week of coastal travel, I told Jer I wanted to swim every single day. Our first day, we woke up early and set off to find a stretch of sea.

We walked to “downtown” Milna then took a left. Past the Yacht Club and the Hotel Milna, the road ends. Keep walking until you see a small path. It starts out wooded and clear and opens up to a rocky, barely there path right along the sea.


I didn’t know where we were going, but I figured if we just followed the shoreline, how lost could we really get? Finally, Lilly stopped dead in her little tracks in front of the prettiest cove. Since she chose it, we pretty much had to oblige.


The water in this cove was sparkling and clear and there wasn’t another person in sight. I was thrilled with our discovery and stretched out our blanket, while Jer jumped right in. I got my water shoes on (totally lame, but a game changer on these rocky beaches) and followed shortly behind.


Even Lilly wanted to have a swim, especially once it got really sunny and the water warmed up a bit.


The three of us jumped in and out all day, searching for shells and sea urchins and crabs.


But the best part was probably when we just lounged around on the rocks, warming up and staring out at the water. We played our favorite game of “Choose A Yacht To Sail Around The World In” and talked about how happy we were that Croatia found itself on our itinerary. (Sound familiar? It’s pretty much our standard routine at every single beach we go to!) 


By mid-afternoon I came out of my Adriatic-induced trance and we started the walk home. We stopped for risotto and octopus salad, marvelling at how lucky we were to have found a swimming spot like that.

The very next day we went back even earlier than the day before. Our secret spot was filled with people, other couples who’d discovered the place we’d wanted so deperately to keep quiet. But for that one short, perfect day, it was only ours.

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