Final Photos From Coastal Croatia

I’m in this weird, dramatic mourning period now that we’ve left the coast. Since April or so, we’ve been almost exclusively near the water, and I love the beach and swimming and being in the sun. So now that we’ve moved inland, and won’t be by a large body of water for quite some time (ahhhhh), I wanted to post the final photos from our time on the island of Brač before I hyperventilate with sadness.

As I’ve already told you a couple of times, our town was just teeny tiny. It was obvious everyone knew everyone else, and people walked around deeply tan and gloriously barefoot.

All the villages on Brač had the wonderful markings of beachside escapes, whitewashed in sunshine and centered around the sea. Plus, I’m not sure there’s anything more relaxing than the sound of wind rustling through palm trees.


Milna is known for having a very calm harbor, and boats of all sizes were contantly going in and out which meant Jer was in heaven. I couldn’t recover from the water color, it was so blue and so so so clean. I’ve been to many other port towns where the water closest to town couldn’t be described as such, but that wasn’t the case in any of the parts of Croatia we visited.


Have you guys ever eaten fresh figs? Our host dropped off a plate of them when we checked in, and I had to YouTube how to eat them! But when I figured it out, man they were incredible. I’d run out to the fig tree and pick a few whenever I was feeling like a snack.


Speaking of food, we also found a small restaurant that we really loved. There weren’t a ton of choices, which made the decision easier, but with risotto this delicious, we lucked out. (The little one was so kind to share her chair so we could eat.)  


If you find yourself in Croatia, don’t just stick to the big cities or stop after the Game of Thrones tour. Try out some of these little island towns and some unknown beaches. I can promise you won’t regret it!


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