Zagreb, Croatia

Ok, honesty time: I was not that excited for Zagreb. On one hand, I really wanted to stay by the water, but on the other hand, I wanted to go inland because it meant we were closer to going back into the Schengen Area and exploring Eastern Europe. It didn’t help that we had the longest (but NOT at all the worst) travel day. At about 6:00am we walked to the bus station with all our luggage. We took a bus from Milna to Supetar, then a ferry from Supetar to Split. In Split, we rented a car and drove from Split to Zagreb, stopping a couple of times along the way. We arrived around 4:00pm mega exhausted. (Travel is so glam, huh?!)

As soon as we rolled into town, I felt great about our choice. Zagreb is divided into the Upper and Lower Town, and they really do feel quite unique. The city is super walkable, so even if you only had one day, you could see many of the best parts. I was drawn to the details on the buildings – as much as I love futuristic architecture, there’s something extraordinary about such meticulousness created without modern tools.


We were in town for Jeremy’s birthday (read about his birthday last year in Abu Dhabi), and just made a nice little day of it.


We had coffee at his favorite shop (the barista remembered his order so he was smitten!), then took the world’s shortest funicular (literally) up the hill to this view:


We walked further until we came to St. Mark’s Church, the crown jewel of Zagreb. The tiled roof was incredible, these pictures do not do it justice. Plus, this part of town was relatively deserted and we both kept commenting how it felt like we had the city to ourselves.


We walked down Tkalčićeva Street nearly every day, as our favorite lunch spot was there, called Curry Pot (curry is on my death row meal list), and it was prime for Jer’s favorite activity: people watching.


Overall, it was a great end to our last week in Croatia. I’ve fallen in love with this country and Jer has already promised me we’ll come back to explore a few of the places we missed this time. And ya better believe I’m holding him to it.

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