Magnolia Cafe, Zagreb, Croatia

Happy Monday! Today is my birthday, so I’m taking the day off! That means it’s just a little mini post for you, with the express purpose of me showing off some major design #goals.

Last week in Zagreb, a little shop caught my eye. Magnolia looked so much like the bakery of the same name in New York that I was positive the two were related. Well, they aren’t. At least not that I could find on the internet anyway. But, I’m never one to pass up a latte, so I still went inside.

First of all, this Magnolia is prettier. I mean, just look at their floral sign and tell me this doesn’t bring major heart eyes.


And these pink chairs, my god. It’s not the most noticable at first glace, but in the back there are little enclaves that look nearly like marble. Imagine having your morning coffee there each day.


Here’s the torte menu, which I couldn’t read obviously, but it does go to show the prices are very good (18 kuna is about $2.75…for giant slices of cake!).


Finally, and this is only semi-related, just look at the gorgeous marble stairs at our Zagreb apartment. You’re welcome for a post full of interior obsessiveness.


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