Lake Bled, Slovenia

Oh, Lake Bled. You are a gem.

I’d seen you on Pinterest and Instagram and I wasn’t sure you’d be as good in person, but you were.

Jer and I took the strangest bus trip from Ljubljana, it took about an hour and half and was fairly inexpensive (€12/return). When we come back one day, I’ll rent a car and drive myself because Slovenia is an incredibly beautiful country and I’d love to explore it on my own terms. But for now, for just the week that we’re here, the bus was fine. (Speaking of when I’m coming back, I’ll be making the trip out to Lake Bohinj. Google it and faint.)

So, we made it to Bled, which is the small town next to the lake. It took about 5 minutes to walk down to the shore, and you can immediately tell you’ve made the right decision by coming here.

The lake is small, but packs a punch. The stars are tiny Bled Island, with its 99 stairs leading to a towering church and magical bell (ring to make your wish come true!), and Bled Castle, the medieval fortress high atop a steep cliff. There are also stairs up to the castle, but prepare yourself for the hike. It may be best to hire a taxi to drive you up so you aren’t looking like a drowned rat in all your photos (speaking from personal experience on this one).

We decided to walk the entire way around the lake, which would probably only take 2 hours or so non-stop and is an easy walk. We made the walk around last all day because we stopped for lunch, to have a swim in the crystal clear lake, for a couple of cones of ice cream, and to take several hundred photos. The bus back to Ljubljana leaves every hour on the half hour so you don’t need to really worry about specific times because another bus will be around shortly.

Now, without further ado, my favorite part: the photos!


All around the lake were gorgeous flowers and trees bursting with colorful blooms.


There were also several cute hotels and B&Bs around the lake, so you could stay there if you wanted to make a weekend of it, which sounds unbelieveably dreamy!


These sweet little boats will take you over to Bled Island, or you can rent your own boat, and from some parts of the lake you can even swim! (You can’t enter the church in a swimsuit and I’m not sure how you’d take your camera, so perhaps swimming should be only a last ditch option.) 


Speaking of swimming, it was a very warm September day and everyone was swanning around in the sun.


We stayed until sunset when dipping temperatures sent us back home to Ljubljana.



My absolute favorite photo of the day is this one, where you can see Bled Island and Bled Castle with the mountains in the background. Just a stunning view and one I’m not sure I’ll ever get over. I’ve already saved it as my phone’s background image.


If you’re in Slovenia, you must make some time to go to Lake Bled. At least a day, but an overnight trip would be wonderful and has been officially added to my “Must Go Again” list.

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