Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort + Spa, Yanuca Island

A little out of the ordinary, but I’m going to do a post about an older trip we took, a Throwback Tuesday if you will. It’s been raining on and off in Vienna, so a mini memory lane jaunt will do me some good.


What feels like many, many moons ago, Jeremy and I spent several weeks in Fiji. Yes, it was as romantic as it sounds. We were there for a total of about 4 weeks, and stayed in 3 different spots. The Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort + Spa was just one of them, and one we still talk about all the time.

The very first thing I noticed upon landing in Fiji was that the water was just SO blue, almost alarmingly so at times.


The Shangri-La is massive, so we were walked all the way to our room (we’d never have found it otherwise). We immeditately put on our swimsuits, grabbed some snacks from one of the small stores, and headed down to the water.


When we got tired of this particular beach (kids everywhere, which is NOT well advertised on their site, so if you go, be aware and request a room far away from the kiddie pool), we went pool hopping. There are several pools at the SL including an infinity, but there is one specifically for adults and that’s were we spent most of our time.


At the time we had nothing to do – no jobs, no big freelance projects, nothing. So we were in full on vacation mode – meaning we lounged and drank from coconuts 24/7. By this pool is where we actually mapped out in detail our move to Europe! It’s so wild to think that the place we’re in now was concieved right there under those palm trees.

Speaking of, there must have been THOUSANDS of palms. They were absolutely everwhere, and made for a totally surreal scene. The word “lush” immediately comes to mind and was beyond fitting.


The SL had a resort setup in every way: waiters to serve you by the pool, towel service, several restaurants to choose from, small shops, activities by the dozens, and all sorts of rentals. We chose to get bikes nearly every day and bike along the various paths.


Our typical route was past the cliffs leading to white sand, around Chi Spa (with its heavenly beds and even better scent of lemongrass), past the golf course (where Jer always stopped for photos), and down to the Seaside Chapel, which would make an ideal backdrop for…well, anything really. Birthday party, anyone?!


After full days of riding bikes, playing in the ocean and the pools, stuffing ourselves silly, and lots of sun, we’d always make time to go down to the water for sunset. The best part were the sideways palm trees, which I’d ALWAYS wanted to see and freaked out over, especially during magic hour when they were just spectacular.


And those sunsets? They seemed to get better with each passing night. Overall, I’d say the sunsets from Yanuca Island were some of the best I’ve ever seen.


Our time in Fiji was nothing short of incredible. Romantic, inspiring, magical, you name the fluffy adjective and it would describe these islands!


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