Wachau Valley, Austria + A Night At The Ballet

Austria is one beautiful country. There was no way we’d have time to explore it all, but searches for “day trips from Vienna” seemed to all talk about the Wachau Valley.

We rented a car and made our first Wachau stop in Melk, a small town with a beautiful monastery.

This says “A warm welcome to Old Town Melk”

Melk was everything I wanted from a small Austrian town. Flower boxes, cobblestones, scupltures, and buildings many, many years older than the entire United States.


Plus, there was a castle and who doesn’t love a castle?!


After playing around the castle and skipping rocks, we kept driving down the Danube River, stopping to gawk at how pretty she looked in the sunshine.


Every once in awhile, we’d stumble on a castle like this one, with glorious views.


Getting lost was the best part, seeing tiny towns and rolling hills. Plus, we got a little taste of the night’s sunset over yet another castle.


We were a bit rushed since we needed to be back in Vienna for my idea of a perfect Saturday night out: a performance of Le Corsaire at the Vienna State Opera House. The ballet was major magic, the third act was the thing dreams are made of. Another dreamy thing? The opera house itself.


Once inside, you’re greeted with this sight and your breath is temporarily gone.


Grab a drink in this side room, surrounded by busts of all the greats and some very impressive ceiling detail.


Jer and I posed for a quick photo, we all grabbed our seats, and settled in for a beautiful end to a perfect day.


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